Over the centuries the strength and importance of family life has been weakened and devalued resulting in a transition from extended families being common place to more and more people becoming atomized in the relationships with others. Families provide the first experience for individuals as children of cooperation and competition in a positive and life validating way that reinforces the notion of individual sovereignty. Launching a child on the journey to building friendships, relationships, new families, family businesses, and society that is underpinned by a philosophy of doing no harm to others.

Gaining understanding of both positive and negative energies that impact upon successful development of families can help not only to weather life’s storms but start the improvement of society in order to bypass the obstacles to successful relationships and families. Think of it as UNITY training that locks the mind onto the possibilities of participation releasing synergistic potential beyond the abilities of one person alone.

Words will always help in understanding and have the power to defeat the spell of destruction cast by ideologies that have no place among humanity.

Definition: Family

Commitment – family comes first;

Safety – families meet the needs of each member trust and security;

Appreciation – family members express love often verbally and non-verbally;

Time Together – quantity and quality are present;

Spiritual Wellness – parents model character and values; actions reflect values;

Coping Skills – parents use and model positive strategies to handle pressures;

Communication – family members express who they are and what they need.

Coalition  – dictionary definition:

1a :  the act of coalescing :  union

1b :  a body formed by the coalescing of originally distinct elements :  combination

2a:  a temporary alliance of distinct parties, persons, or states for joint action